Research interests:

Topics: Environmental, energy, and water resource economics, consumer behavior, utility pricing and efficiency programs

Methods: Applied microeconomics and econometrics, experimental economics


Cappers, P., Hans, L. and Scheer, R. (2015) “Interim Report on Customer Acceptance, Retention, and Response to Time-Based Rates from the Consumer Behavior Studies: Smart Grid Investment Grant Program.” U.S. Department of Energy Report.

Hans, L. Goemans, C., and Kroll, S. (2013) “Impact of Information on Household Water Use and Responsiveness to Utility Pricing Policies: An Experimental Analysis”. Colorado Water, 30(2), 15-17.

Keske, C.H., Iverson, T., Evans, S.G., Graff, G. and Hans, L. (2010) “Designing a Technology-Neutral, Benefit Pricing Policy for the Electric Power Sector in Colorado,”Technical Report Submitted to the Colorado Governors Energy Office.

Research in Progress:

“The Effect of Time-based Rates on Vulnerable Populations: An Analyses on Enrollment, Retention, and Response.”

“Nexus of the Water-Energy Nexuses: A Scoping of Opportunities across All Sectors to Enable Energy Savings via Water Advanced Metering Infrastructure Systems.”

“Household Water and Energy Use: An Experimental Analysis of Decision-making under Uncertainty and Penalty Rate Structures”

“Do Combined Residential Energy and Water Bills lead to Combined Consumption and Price Responsiveness, too?”